A stupid image of me

Hey, how nice of you to visit me here! I'm Julius and I code, play bass guitar and enjoy getting lost.

And if you still hope that I can help you somehow please feel free to reach out to me.


Beg your pardon, what is a gaenseri.ch?

A drawing of a goose.

Well, my last name is Gonsior which is a Germanized form of the polish word Gąsior which translates to Gander, so a male goose. And because little Julius in 2012 thought it would be nice to have a domain where the top-level domain is part of the spoken domain name, he choose a German translation of Gander, Gänserich. Later then he discovered that Unicode in top-level domains will probably never happen, so he chose to replace the ä vowel with ae.



In my free time I play the bass guitar in multiple bands, the most popular one were probably the not anymore existing Last Dangerous Racoons, you can listen to our music here on Soundcloud. Currently I'm working on a new project, so stay tuned!



When I was around the age of 12 I was starting to become quite chubby, so my parents advised me to do some sports. Good luck a good friend of mine just started this totally awesome and adventurous sounding sport called Orienteering and dragged me along to the training. Bascially you've got a map and a compass, and then you need to find pre-marked spots in the forest. It's like cross-country running, but you're playing chess meanwhile. I immediately fell in love with the sport, and since then I got so addicted to it that it kinda influenced some of the biggest decisions in my previous years: orienteering was one of many reasons, but in the end the decisive one, for me to move for studying to Germanys orienteering centre Dresden, and it is no surprise either, that I spent my Erasmus year in the founding country of orienteering, in Sweden.


Classifcation and Analysis of Time Series

Scikit-learn , Neural Network , Python , Visualisation , Statistics , Data Science , Machine Learning , Neural Network , Grafana

Currently I'm writing my thesis about Classification and Analysis of Audio Stream Time Series for LogMeIn.


WikiData SPARQL Query Log Analysis Link to the GitHub QueryAnalysis Repository

WikiData , SPARQL , Python , Java , Visualisation , Statistics , Data Science

As a student research assistant I was analysing the SPARQL Query logs of Wikidata in the reasearch group Knowledge-Based Systems led by Prof. Dr. Markus Krötzsch at the Technische Universität Dresden. A resulting paper was being published on the LDOW-18 conference.


Angry Programmers Link to the GitHub AngryProgrammers Repository

Reinforcement Learning , Java , Computer Vision

Together my friend Richard and I tried to participate in the AIBirds competition. Our plan was to use Reinforcement Learning to train our agent. Unfortunately we discovered, instead of solving the game properly, that the implementation of the game, with which we've been provided by the competition, wasn't suited for any type of Machine Learning. It took us around one week to play only 3.000 levels, even after months of fine-tuning and optimization. For proper Q-Learning you need way more training iterations, so after some months we decided that we should reimplement the game instead - and that we don't have the time for that, so we abandoned this project.


ESN TU Dresden The homepage of ESN TU Dresden

After coming back from my exchange Erasmus year in Sweden the only logical step to avoid falling into the Post-Erasmus-Depression was to help the incoming students to Dresden. That's how I ended up being part of ESN TU Dresden. Currently I'm the homepage caretaker and main treasurer, so book keeping and writing exciting finance applications.


Summer internship at Moravio S.R.O. Moravio S.r.o.

Linux Server Administration , Wordpress , PHP , jQuery

Somehow I had the spontaneous idea to do a quick summer internship in the eastern part of Czech Rebublic, Ostrava, in a small Web-Startup specialized in E-Commerce.


PhotoK Link to the GitHub photok Repository

Python , JavaScript , Flask , Angular , REST

One of the courses I took during my exchange studies in Sweden was "Advanced Web Programming". We were requested to write a fully functional large-scale interactive web application. Programming focus on, state-of-the-art JavaScript framework + Service Oriented (API) Bakend. Not webdesign. We developed a fully functional photo contest application, including authentication, photo upload etc.


FSD Fahrzeugstysemdaten GmbH FSD Fahrzeugstysemdaten GmbH

Java , PHP , MySQL , PostgreSQL , Big data Analysis

During my first real student trainee job I developed multiple in-house web applications for big data analysis. The FSD is developing the specifications for the periodic technical inspetction (PTI) for the German government.


Dresden A German Schlager about Dresden

In 2012 I moved to Dresden to indulge myself in the pleasures of studying computer science at the Technische Universität Dresden in Germany. If my current address is what you were looking all along, here it is:

Julius Gonsior
Wundstr. 11
01217 Dresden